Living in the Cloud: A year with GAFE & Chrome OS
Professor Matthew Collins, University of York, UK

   Matthew CollinsProfessor Matthew Collins is a lecturer in Archaeology at the University of York. Since joining the University in 2003 Professor Collins formed BioArCh, a collaboration of the Biology, Chemistry and Archaeology departments. He is a keen user of Google Drive and has used it heavily in his teaching modules. 

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Matthew explored the use of the collaborative tools provided within our Google Apps for Education account to provide interactive sessions in small group teaching. The presentation focused on the Assessed Seminar module taught to 3rd year Undergraduates in Archaeology, in which students are free (within topic constraints) to design, and chair their own seminar, choosing speakers and providing a reflective overview. Last year Google+ rolled out Communities, their version of Facebook Groups, just ahead of the Assessed Seminar, and in a vote my students chose to use these over the Blackboard tools. Google+ was treated as a half-way house between Facebook and Blackboard, an underpopulated social network linked to their academic email. This chance decision cascaded into extensive use of GAFE collaborative tools within the Seminar, and as word spread other staff adopted the same model. The seminar explored the advantages and pitfalls of using GAFE tools for small group teaching.