Google in Learning & Teaching: A Case Study All About Linguistics
Gary Wood

We will post a link to the Hangout on Air on the day. 

You will also be able to find the slides here.

Gary Wood, University of Sheffield, UK
Gary Wood is an Associate University Teacher in Linguistics at the School of English, University of Sheffield. Gary received national recognition from Google and the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) for his use of Google Apps to facilitate authentic learning opportunities and build inclusive communities of learning, whilst promoting and supporting new students' transition into studying Linguistics. 

Gary will present a case study of a first year undergraduate module in which students created a website to promote linguistics to prospective students. He will consider how this was made possible through the use of a range of Google tools to promote collaboration between groups including;
  • Google Sites to build the website itself; 
  • Google Hangouts to solve the perennial problem of coordinating everyone’s timetables;
  • Google Docs to create materials;
  • Google Forms to manage the website’s launch event and student evaluation;
  • Google Calendar streamlined the scheduling of consultation sessions.
The talk will demonstrate the potential these Google tools hold for innovation in learning and teaching, and how they can increase students intrinsic motivation through by facilitating an authentic learning experience and ownership of learning. 

There will also be a workshop on offer, where delegates will have the opportunity to try out and learn more about these tools whilst thinking of ways they could use them in their own practice. The workshop is B.Y.O.D so don't forget to make sure your device is fully charged!