Quick Customisation of Google Apps for Teaching and Learning with Google Add-ons and Google Apps Script

Martin Hawksey, ALT, UK

Martin Hawksey


Martin Hawksey is a Chief Innovation, Technology and Community Officer at ALT. He regularly uses Google Apps Scripts in solutions he publishes which often integrate with other Google products such as Google Maps, Google Charts and Google Analytics.

Martin talked about the recently announced 
Google Add-ons which allow anyone to enhance Google Documents and Sheets with customised features. Already there are a number of add-ons to support teaching and learning such as bibliography and track changes tools. Add-ons are developed in Google Apps Script. Apps Script is free for anyone with a Google account and not only can let you author your own add-ons but also automate your workflows within Google Apps, integrate with external APIs, and more. Martin introduced users to add-ons exploring some educational scenarios. As part of this he will discuss some threats and opportunities. He then touched upon how add-ons are authored using Apps Script and highlight opportunities for personalised automation of workflows.