Google at the University of York
(The titles are links to the slides)

Tom Smith

  Tom Smith - Google at the University of York
Tom Smith is a Collaborative Software Support Specialist at the University of York. Tom works with the above people and talked about developing Apps Script with a small web app. 

Ali McManus

  Ali McManus - Google Apps Room Booking Project
Ali McManus is an External Returns & Data Officer at the University of York. She talked about her departmental project that started as a Google Form and Spreadsheet using 'traditional' commands (array, vlookup etc.).

Sara Perry

  Sara Perry - Experimenting with Critical Making and Collaboration in the Google-enabled Classroom
Sara Perry is the Director of Studies of Digital Heritage at the University of York. She discussed the impact on primary, undergraduate and postgraduate students of using Google for different projects in public engagement. 

  Caryn Douglas
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Caryn Douglas - Managing Doctoral Scholarship Applications Across Three Institutions
Caryn Douglas is the Manager of The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities at the University of York. She talked about her use of Google Apps to enable a collaborative workflow across three institutions across the White Rose Consortium (Leeds, Sheffield, York).