Going Google Nexus 1to1 
Simon Thomson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Image of Simon Thomson

  At Leeds Metropolitan University they have been exploring the potential of BYOD and 1to1 mobile technology use. This year they ran a cross institution 1to1 tablet device roll-out with 400 users to explore the potential benefits and challenges of such devices in a learning & teaching context. Staff and students were issued with the same devices (Nexus 7) and supported by the Centre for Learning & Teaching to explore how such devices could be used to enable, enhance and enrich learning experiences and how it could empower learners and teachers. This session provided a summary of some of the key data from this experience. 
  Keep Taking the Tablets: iPads and the cloud
Sean Dodson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Sean Dodson

Sean Dodson is a Lecturer in Journalism at Leeds Met. Sean talked about a second year project that involves using a combination of google drive and tablets in class. The students tried to work out which of the eight MPs with a LS postcode offer the best value for money for their constituents. They accessed publicly available data on tablet computers in an ordinary classroom (i.e. not an IT room) and then collated it collaboratively on a Google Spreadsheet. They are currently analysing the data and will soon publish the results in the form of a news story on our journalismatleedsmetropolitan.com website.